Regional Transportation Plan

Last Updated: 
Jun 22, 2018

PSRC is extending the Regional Transportation Plan to 2050.

take our surveyThe Regional Transportation Plan describes how the region will meet transportation needs into the future, addressing existing needs and expected growth. The plan outlines investments the region is making to improve all aspects of the transportation system – from roads, transit, rail, ferry, bicycle and pedestrian systems – and ensure the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.

The current Regional Transportation Plan was adopted by the PSRC General Assembly on May 31, 2018. 

PSRC is developing the next Regional Transportation Plan, which will respond to the priorities and growth strategy identified in VISION 2050. Early work has included enhanced data collection on current transportation facilities and programs, improvements to PSRC’s analysis tools and performance metrics, and additional research on key topics.  Information on these efforts, including a new interactive web map, may be found on the data and research page.

Call for RTP Project Updates

As part of the development of the Regional Transportation Plan, PSRC is accepting applications for updates to the Regional Capacity Projects List. Additional information may be found on the Projects and Approvals page.


Project Schedule


Environmental Review for the 2022 Regional Transportation Plan