Regional Transportation Plan

The draft Regional Transportation Plan describes how the region is planning to catch up and keep up on transportation over the next two decades.

The formal comment period for the draft Regional Transportation Plan has ended.  The comments received are posted below: each organization letter is provided, as well as a report containing all individual comments. 

In addition, a searchable spreadsheet of all comments by category, including a draft PSRC staff response, is provided.

You can still share your thoughts with policy makers through May 31, 2018, when the plan is scheduled for adoption.

Comments can be received by:

  • submitting a letter to PSRC at 1011 Western Ave #500, Seattle, WA 98104
  • sending an email
  • attending a meeting and making formal public comment

Comments Received

Public Comments from Individuals

Comments from Organizations

Draft Responses to Regional Transportation Plan Comments, March 2018

Current Plan