Regional Housing Strategy

Last Updated: 
Jan 10, 2021

PSRC is working to develop a regional housing strategy, including a regional housing needs assessment.

The Regional Housing Strategy is intended to serve as a “playbook” of regional and local actions to preserve, improve, and expand housing stock in the region. The aim is to make a range of affordable, accessible, healthy, and safe housing choices available to every resident and to promote fair and equal access to housing for all people. The Regional Housing Strategy will help guide and support upcoming local comprehensive plan updates.

The Growth Management Policy Board is leading the development of the strategy. The strategy is anticipated to be finalized in 2021. Follow the board meetings here.


Timeline for the development and release of the Regional Growth Strategy. The phases include developing the work plan (Winter 2020), conducting a needs assessment (Fall 2020), releasing the Draft Strategy and holding a public comment period (Spring 2021), and finalizing and releasing the strategy (Summer/Fall 2021).


What's Happening Now?

The Growth Management Policy Board developed a work plan to advance the strategy. Explore early findings from the Regional Housing Needs Assessment in the dropdown below or view the draft Regional Housing Strategy.