Last Updated: 
May 25, 2018

VISION 2040 calls for the creation of central places with a mix of uses and activities connected by efficient transportation.  

The region has designated 29 regional growth centers. These are locations of the region’s most significant business, governmental, and cultural facilities and are planning for growth.

Ten regional manufacturing/industrial centers are also designated, which are locations for more intensive industrial activity. Both regional growth centers and regional manufacturing/industrial centers are focal points for planned growth, economic development and transportation infrastructure investments.

Designated Regional Centers

Map and Monitoring Report

Regional Growth Centers

Manufacturing/Industrial Centers

Designation Procedures and Centers Resources

The period for accepting new designation applications has ended. For more information, contact Andrea Harris-Long at

Procedures and Application to Designate New Centers - Updated 2018

Centers Planning Resources

Regional Centers Framework Update

PSRC worked with members and other partners to develop ways to support and recognize the region's diverse centers. Following extensive review and a public comment period, the Executive Board adopted the revised framework in March 2018.  PSRC will be working with members and partners to implement the new framework.

The new framework establishes more consistent criteria throughout the region and ensures that centers are developing as thriving, equitable, and connected communities.


Regional Centers Framework, Adopted March 2018