Environmental Review for VISION 2050

As part of the VISION 2050 development process, PSRC is reviewing the environmental impacts of the plan alternatives.

The environmental review process for VISION 2050 includes preparing a supplemental environmental impact statement (SEIS), in accordance with the State Environmental Policy Act.  All Draft SEIS documents are available below.

A Draft SEIS was issued on February 28, followed by a 60-day comment period. The SEIS contains new information and analysis, and builds on data and analysis contained in the VISION 2040 Final Environmental Impact Statement and other existing environmental documents. The Draft SEIS includes an equity appendix to evaluate how the alternatives may affect people of color and people with low incomes on issues like land use, transportation, and housing. To evaluate and compare the alternatives, the Draft SEIS considers impacts in areas with particularly high concentrations of those communities today, along with information on demographics in the region.

Preferred Alternative Selection Process

The Growth Management Policy Board will review comments received on the draft SEIS and define a preferred growth alternative, which may be a hybrid of the alternatives analyzed in the Draft SEIS. The board will use several tools in the selection process:

  • Evaluation criteria with assessment by alternative (see Appendix D)
  • Summary of Draft SEIS public comments
  • Supplemental technical evaluation
  • Board priorities based on discussions at board meetings

Selection of a preferred growth alternative is expected to take place during spring and the draft VISION 2050 plan is expected in summer 2019.

Scoping for VISION 2050

To help shape the plan and environmental review, PSRC held a public scoping period from February 2 to March 19, 2018. The scoping notice, comments received, and summary of the process and comments received are available below.

Environmental Review Resources

VISION 2050 Draft SEIS

VISION 2050 Scoping Report

VISION 2050 Scoping Comments Received

VISION 2050 Scoping Notice

VISION 2040 Environmental Documents