Regional Equity Strategy

The region's vision for 2050 is to provide exceptional quality of life, opportunity for all, connected communities, a spectacular natural environment, and an innovative, thriving economy. This cannot be achieved without dismantling systems of racial inequity.

“One-size-fits-all” strategies are rarely successful. Rather than seeking to establish policies and practices where everyone is treated the same, PSRC is establishing universal goals while considering how different groups have faced, and continue to face, different barriers. The agency recognizes that other groups of people are still marginalized based on gender, sexual orientation, ability, and age, etc. Focusing on racial equity provides the opportunity to address the unique circumstances of various racial groups and recognizes the interconnected ways in which marginalization takes place.

PSRC is working with the Equity Advisory Committee (EAC) to develop a Regional Equity Strategy. The strategy will implement the policies in VISION 2050 that work towards equitable outcomes for all and will serve as a guide for coordinated planning within the region. It will introduce a framework, tools, and resources that can be applied to other marginalized communities.

The work plan was finalized in March 2021. The strategy is currently under development, with expected implementation by summer of 2023. Work to refine the strategy is ongoing.

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